Extract of the regulations

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The full regulations can be found on the website

Any person who registers is deemed to have read these regulations.

In particular: compulsory bib on the front, image rights, respect for the environment. Personal liability insurance is compulsory. Any registrant authorizes medical services for emergency interventions, evacuations and hospitalization which could be necessary.

Registrations must be accompanied by payment by check and medical certificate or license copy.

Bibs limited to : Children 600 4.5 km: 500 10 km: 1500 Half-marathon: 900

Bibs are allocated in the order of arrival of registrations (priority complete files)

Reduced rate for groups of more than 10 runners (clubs, companies, groups on the 4km55, 10km and half-marathon races.


Program & timetables:

9:00 am: 4.5 km race dedicated to Jean-Luc Posenato / Men and Women born in 2006 and before

9:45 am: 10 km Race Men and Women born in 2004 and before

11:00 am: 3.3 km race reserved for children born between 2005 and 2008 Girls and Boys

11:15 am: 1km race reserved for children born between 2009 and 2013 Girls 11:15 am / Boys 11:20 a.m.

11:30 a.m .: Half-marathon Men and Women born in 2002 and before


Bib distribution:

Festival hall of the FONTAINEBLEAU Theater Rue Denecourt on Saturday 4 April 14:00 to 19:00 and Sunday 5 April from 7:00 to ½ hour before the start of the races. Registrations possible on site depending on the bibs available.

A t-shirt will be distributed to each registrant on presentation of the bib (stand located at Place de la République 300 m from the bib distribution place)


PLEASE NOTE: no bib will be delivered without a medical certificate or proof of valid license. No runner without a bib is allowed on the course.



the different courses are traced in the city center and in the castle park. Arrivals judged on Place de la République.

The flat and traffic-tight routes will be measured according to federal standards. Asphalt or stabilized. They include a short part of 50 m on paving stones in the castle's right-of-way, and an elevation of less than 30 m per turn.

4.5 km: 1 loop. 2 supplying points per loop and on arrival

10 km: 2 loops. 2 supplying points per loop and at the finish.

21 km: 3 loops. 2 supplying points per loop and on arrival.

4 pace leaders 45 ’50’ 55 ’and 60’ will be present on the 10 km

Electronic timing: by bar code glued to the bib. Real time for the 4.5 km 10km and the half-marathon. FFA category rankings displayed on arrival. All complaints must be made within 30 minutes.



medal and partner prize to all young arrivals.

Valuable prizes and cups for the first 3 men and women of the 4.5 km, 10 km and half-marathon.

"Finisher" medal to all comers.

Cups at the top of the FFA categories, medals at the next 2.

Cup to the group formed with the largest number of participants over 10 km and half-marathon (offered by the traders’ union and craftsmen).

Cup at the school of the agglomeration community of Pays de Fontainebleau with the largest number of children participating.


On-site services:

Parking: see map on the website

Free Stade de la Faisanderie and CinéParadis.

Paid in the underground car parks Interparking in the city center of the castle, Place Napoleon and Place de la République.

Public toilets on site. Please note: no shower, no dressing rooms

Safes: Place de la République. Village and arrival site.

Do not leave valuables. The organization declines all responsibility.

Medical service: provided on the course and on the arrival site.

Massages: on arrival set up by a team of physiotherapists.

Musical entertainment and exhibitor village


Model of medical certificate

to be imperatively attached to the registration

Warning: the medical certificate is compulsory. Participants without a valid sports’ license must imperatively provide a medical certificate of less than three months on the day of the race according to the attached model. No derogation is possible.

I, the undersigned (Last name, First name, professional address of the doctor) certify that I have examined Mr., Mrs., Miss (Last name, first name, date of birth) and have not found any contraindication to the practice of sports. in competition.

(less than three moths)

Signature and stamp of the doctor

As the organization is responsible, no other model of medical certificate can be accepted. The medical certificate is kept by the organization